Pentagon Waterlines has pioneered the 3rd Country Logistics concept in India and today has emerged as a full fledged Group dealing with cross trade enquiries and processing “round the world” cross trade shipments. To be able to offer its customers definite solutions, it has created a highly credible network of agents at various strategic locations across the globe.

Today it’s overseas co-ordination department is responsible for this function and it takes a lot of initiative to co-ordinate shipments, supervise connecting movements, collecting goods etc.

Pentagon Waterlines offers a geographically elaborate cross-trade. We provide cross-trading at competitive rates, flawless Documentation, infallible transportation and spot-on delivery for shipments. At all times, we do our best to work in the best interest of our customers.

A nationwide network of local depots designed to get parts and products to your customers quickly, reliably and cost effectively 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer similar service an International scale also with a worldwide network of depots designed to provide local storage and distribution of parts and products in any country in which you have customer.

Our Professional management team can handle every detail for establishing a custom designed warehouse or distribution center to your exact specifications. We can handle all functions from customer service, pick and pack and to transportation planning and final delivery to your customer. And we can accommodate your requirement for smaller space in any location within long-term commitment.

An innovative service that handles the entire shipping and distribution function of your company, both domestic and overseas. Pentagon Waterlines handles every detail and designs a highly efficient routing system to reduce costs and improve delivery to your customers no matter where they are located.

Our 3rd Country Logistics offerings cover a wide geographical region. We offer very innovative 3rd Country Logistics services to our customers.

  • Correct documentation.
  • Competitive freight.
  • Ensuring to protect the interest of customers.
  • Complete coordination between the origin, destination and 3rd Country Logistics point.
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